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Upcoming Events and Competitions

Imperial Session
Reno June 30-July 2, 2024

ISCA Board Meeting
Monday, July 1st @ 5:30pm
Eldorado Hotel Event Center
Bordeaux/Claret Room


ISCA Imperial Clown Competition
Tuesday, July 2nd @ 9am
Eldorado Hotel Event Center
Bordeaux/Claret Room

Imperial Parade
Tuesday, July 2nd @ 7:30pm

Click here for Registration Form!



Dues cards are now being sent via email. If your unit members want their dues cards it is important that we have accurate email addresses for our membership. This change is being made to reduce ever increasing cost of supplies and postage. The emails will not be given to entities outside of the organization and will only be used to send ISCA information to our members. Please send your email address to:

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Welcome to the

Loyal Order of Water Buffalo

Bringing awareness and to benefit the ISCA Sneaker Fund

ISCA Education

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