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Hello Fellow ISCA Joeys,
One great way to communicate with our membership is via email. It is a quick easy way to get information out to the membership.
Unfortunately, the registration information for the ISCA 2019 Mid-Winter did not make it into our latest issue of Clown Alley. So, we recently I emailed updated information regarding the 2019 ISCA Mid-Winter to every member who had an email address listed in the ISCA data base.
Unfortunately, less than half of the ISCA members have an email address listed in the ISCA data base.   Of those that had an email, over 300 email addresses came back as bad email addresses.
Please help us keep our data base up to date.  If you have an email address, please send me an email and I will make sure we update your file.
Also, if you move, please let us know right away so we can update your address so you don’t miss any issues of Clown Alley.  We had over 100 issues of Clown Alley returned due to bad addresses during the last mailing.
Thanks for your help.
John “JAY JAY” Joseph
ISCA, 1st VP

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2018 Imperial Session Clown Competition Photos:
    - Makeup Competition
    - Skit Competition
    - Winners

2019 Mid-Winter Session Registration form and Information, Medinah Shrine Center, Addison, IL, Feb 13-17, 2019
    New-Registration form: PDF Fillable / MS Word
    New-Schedule of Events: PDF / MS Word
    New-Dealers/Vendors: PDF / MS Word
    -Rules for Lite Auguste Competition: PDF / MS Word

Auguste Lite Category:

The proposal to add a new category to the Costume and Make-Up Competition starting with the Imperial Session in 2018 at Dayton Beach, FL has been passed. This is being done to recognize the changes in times and direction of many clowns who are using modified appearances in clowning. Unlike the traditional Circus Clowns where Make-up was designed to be seen from a distance, the new category is being proposed to meet the changes we are seeing in clowns who work close up events like hospitals, birthday parties, picnics, parades and other close up events. Click Here to view and download a copy of the criteria that will be used in judging Auguste Lite clowns at Imperial Session 2018. Email addresses available:

Do you want your own email address? If so, contact the ISCA Webmaster and give him the user name you want to use.  Your email address would look like this: If the username you wish is already in use, the webmaster will email you so the two of you can work out an alternate.

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